Hey Everybody! :)

Dear binweevilers,

It’s been several years since I officially left the binweevil world behind me, and blogging with it. Recently, I logged in to my old email, and discovered several messages asking me to moderate comments. I knew then I had to create a post, and explain everything. After all, you guys have done so much for me, and I figured it would only be fair.

I would just like to confirm that I’ll never be back to bin weevils, and I wish to let this site deteriorate. Many of the comments I’ve been scrolling through have been in reply to the ‘codes’ page, explaining that they’ve all expired. Yep, I know that. I would just like to bring it to everybody’s attention that I have not maintained this website for a good couple of years now and I never will, so of course everything will be out of date.

For those few people that didn’t make a quick exit during what I call the ‘binweevil blogging crash’, in 2014/15, I guess you’ll want to know what has happened to me since I left. As you probably know, I left for roblox, which was a big craze at the time and that kind of took off for me. I was playing it every single minute of my spare time, racing through my homework and then continuing to play it. But eventually, like everything does in the end, it died down. I rediscovered my Nintendo 3DS, and animal crossing replaced roblox, which I had to abruptly leave due to unforeseen circumstances. Then, I received my phone, started secondary school, and everything unravelled from there.

Binweevils? I guess I miss it. The few people I’ve stayed in contact with within the binweevil community have updated me on how it had its prime time and then became a ‘five minutes of fun’ kind of thing. I promise I will never go back, even though it’s tough… Though it would be nice to see if I recognise any names (though apparently children 7 through 11ish just sort of make accounts and abandon them a few days later).

Anyway, I’ve gone a bit off course during this post, but I thought it would be great to officially wind up Binsignificance, with all the reasons and everything you guys wanted to know answered. I would appreciate it if everyone could not complain about the codes being out of date and things like that, as I have re-registered my old email address and do not wish for it to be spammed with unnecessary comments. If you do have a comment, or enquiry, you may write it but please note that it will only be sent to me in person and will be trashed afterwards unless I deem it necessary to go public. And if it’s not something I needed to see, there will be consequences.

Even after its “death”, may Binsignificance’s legacy remain.

I wish you all a very happy remainder of the Christmas holidays and an excellent 2018.


Blog switchover

If you were enjoying the content of this blog, then from now on please view https://thesiteofbintastic.wordpress.com/.

Au Revoir

Goodbye Binsignificance! I’ll never forget my awesome experience on this inspiring blog. I have loads if questions: why is it being shut, will I still be able to view it ect…

I might make a blog another time. This is not the last of Happyseahorse!!

And one last word from me:


Thank you :'(:'(:'(

The last sign off from me:





Having fun in the bin!


 Hello! I am now co-owner of the blog!

Any questions you have, if you’re staff or not, please ask me.

Why don’t I make this a proper post?! I think I can squeeze in:

  • THE easiest glitch of all time
  • An article about the pool hall 
  • A requested subject to write about

THE easiest glitch of all time

Here is a cool, awesome and 100 percent do-able glitch! Here are the steps:

  1. Go somewhere spacious. I’m going it at Castle Gam
  2. Go to your actions and press the spinning one that you unlock at a low level
  3. Quickly, press somewhere that isn’t forward before your spin ends and then you’ll walk sideways

“That’s so awesome! How do you do  that?” says lilmissminny123 when she saw my gliding sideways.

 The article about the Pool Hall

  The pool hall is a place next to Club Fling. When you go in, you experience a little part  of the old bin. It has peeling wall paper and 8 pool tables lined up in a row. You stand and wait for another to join the game. You can play  an online version of pool, also known as snooker, where you have to get all the other team’s ball’s in the holes (it’s not the same as the real one).

  This place helps people level up! Many successful levelers head here and get their portrait as the top player of the day. I’ve never been the top but I’ve been 3rd once.

  Some people are really good at it. I won in one turn today!

 I had a great game with a weevil called adilol, level 5. For about 10 mins, we played with only 2 balls left. In the end, he won. It was a greaaaat game!

 When you have time, go to the pool hall! It’s a great place to go when you have nothing to do.

 What would you change in the bin?

 “I would take away all the adverts because the real bin is the best!”

“I would change the complete look and make it prettier.”

“I would take away the bullies and hackers because my friend got hacked and I don’t like that sort of stuff”

“That’s a tough question! I think the bin is perfect, I like the look, the weevils are fine and the places are awesome. Binweevils rocks!”

These are all opinions about real weevils in the bin! What would you change in the bin and why? Answer in the comments!


 Recently, I’ve spotted:

 effymay, level 55, wearing a stylish hat!

 WERUBIN, level 70, jumping around at flums!

Kathryn214, level 9, playing connect mulch with a friend!

 Danny247, level 2, waving their hands in the air!

 YOU could be in the next I CAN SEE YOU. Keep having fun and chilling weevils. I hope to see you in the bin!

 Happyseahorse xxx

I missed Binsignificance’s Birthday?


Is it true that yesterday was Binsignificance’s  BIRTHDAY? OMG!

Is there going to be a party? Can I come?

 Is it true that the-day-before-yesterday was Neve250’s weevil’s birthday?

Bubbly birthdays are always fun. Anyway, lets get on with the post. Today I’ll be:

  •  Telling you how to turn Dosh’s Palace into a mammoth emerald gem palace
  •  Explaining why there is a minion outside the shopping mall
  •   Whispering to you the most secret places in the bin
  •   INTRODUCING My all new ‘I CAN SEE YOU!’ 

How to turn Dosh’s Palace into a big green gem stone!

Dosh’s Palace- the place where you change your colour! It’s big, blue and white. Occasionally, Dosh himself peers down from his balcony, throwing down free Dosh and Mulch (Tycoons only). Would you like to turn this ordinary palace into a grievous and alluring green gem palace? Here’s how!

There really is no point in putting steps. All you have to do is click on all the minute pink diamonds on the palace and it will spin rapidly, turning into a sparkly emerald mansion! Try it now!

Why is there a minion outside the shopping mall?

Well, that minion is called Stuart. He is here because minions the movie is out on DVD now! Crawl to the mall and press him to get the astonishing banana nest bundle!  And you can go on the hunt for them to get 300 mulch! 

 ( Kevin is in figg’s cafe, Bob is at gong’s pipenest and , as you know, Stuart is outside the mall. Am I mixing up the names?)

  Lets get to the most secret places in the bin. I need to remind you that this is 



You could have a furtive meeting in there and nobody would hear or see you!



There isn’t anyone there! I think this is a limited place and it’ll go away after a while so get your secret meetings there before it’s too late!



How to get there: Out of the screen, next to your guest list, there is a big purple button saying TV. Press it! Notice: only tycoons can get there

Why is is secret: Nobody is there! It’s very old and it has the style of the old bin.

and now for the exciting part!


What is this ‘I can see you’ thing? 

Well, it’s my latest invention xD! I’ll walk around the bin spotting people doing things and then I’ll list their usernames! I think I’ve done this before in one of my posts, but this is improved. If you are on my list, you have gained a free shoutout! I’ll improve I can see you over the posts, adding more people and other things.

The first ever I CAN SEE YOU!

Today I’ve spotted:

  • feneeer, level 40,  chatting to their friends at flum’s fountain
  • caly473, level 32, eating up at tum’s diner
  • orvam3091, level 26, sitting in the boss seat in tum’s diner


kuki553, level 24, with an amazing garden that he kindly invited me to! xp, he says!

Thank you for reading another one of my posts! I shall catch you later, yeah! And guys, let me  know if there’s gonna be any sort of celebration for Neve250. Before I end this post, lets all shout:




Hello Weevils,

I am very sorry for not posting in a while as yet again I have been very busy. I hope to post more often but at this time, it’s just hard so sorry. I wanted to take time to make a post about safety on Binweevils and how it has rapidly been changing

So you may have noticed that recently, there has been alot of hackers on Bin Weevils using a software called Cheat Engine. This enables them to go out of bounds at flums and to walk on your best wall. They can do alot more than that and are potentially dangerous, so if you see anyone doing any unusual tricks then I advise you to stay away.

My second point is that there are older people, including adults, that play the game even though it’s a game for kids. Now some are mainly on at night but some are on in the day when most of us are. Some do have very inapropriate names so if you see names e.g hacker or rude stuff then I again advise you to report them as I had had someone come up to me and say they will find me.

My third and final point is that binweevils has changed alot. Not just the look, but the people. Just stay safe and remember NOT to share your personal information.      

Thanks for taking your time to read this,

Wilf xx   



November Sounds Fun!

Hello there! In this post I’ll include:

  •  Some news about Binweevils
  • The exciting news of November
  • The answer you’ve been waiting for
  • The waste of space in the bin!

The news about Binweevils! What’s happening in November?

Does it look exciting to you?

Looks like their FORCING us to vote for them -.-

Oh! Meet and greet Scribbles? I’m looking forward to that! Ah, its always associated with some other brand, forcing us to buy their products or whatever. Mm, maybe I won’t go…

I honestly think nobody cares for their nest anymore! I don’t get as much invites as I used to. It’s a waste of time making MORE decor. We’ll look more at ‘waste’ further on in the post.

AHA! This is what I’m happy about! Do you see the anti-bullying week section? I’ll be looking forward to that very much. Cyber bullying ruins people’s lives! Here’s a bit of information just to make sure you all don’t do it and you don’t know you are:

Cyber-bullying is where a child, pre-teen or teenager is tormented, threatened, embarrassed, or tormented by another through the Internet. It is terrible because it ruins people’s lives and makes them upset. Believe it or not, some people might be doing it right now, maybe even on BINWEEVILS!Cyber-bullying happens 

  • Through SMS/ Text messages
  • Social media
  • Online chatrooms
  • Online games
  • Emails
  • Blogs

Binweevils has online chatrooms and it’s an online game. Its a hot spot for cyber bullying. And Binsignificance is a blog

Bullies stalk weevils and copy their looks, take over their lives. On social media, people send embarrassing pictures of another person without their permission. They spread rumors. They exclude each other. They mock, copy and impersonate others. That’s mean!

Most people wouldn’t tell their parents but that’s the best thing  to do. If you are being cyber-bullied, talk to them! Or contact the Binweevils staff. If you are online and somebody’s bothering you, put them on ignore! You cannot see them, hear them or feel them (feel it in your heart) so you can relax. 

You’re probably wondering WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE BULLYING OTHERS ONLINE! THAT’S SO UNKIND! Well, there are reasons. People do it because their friends are doing it, they think it’s cool, they are born bullies, they want attention, they want to act older and mature, they want to get more popular and some people even find it fun! How can they find RUINING peoples lives fun? I think it’s disgraceful! If you are doing it, stop NOW!

There, I told you some stuff about cyber-bullying! If you didn’t know, you know now. Moving on—–>


You won! You won the Halloween competition! Congratulations all of you. If you still do not know the scores, here they are:

1st- Maybee’s Ghosts

2nd -Unicron7022’s Witches

3rd -Drewbian’s Zombies

4th- Swathe’s pumpkins

Which one did you choose?

The waste of space in the bin by Happyseahorse

In this section of writing I shall list the ‘waste of space places’ in the bin. (What I’ll do it walk around the bin, looking for people, checking if there is a great amount of people in the places, checking the popular ones.)

Ok. Happyseahorse goes to… Nest Street! Full of life! I can see new weevils and old weevils hanging out and chatting!

Club fling…Yeah, I think it’s three quarters full. Do people really still fight over the DJ seat?

Flum’s Fountain…. As always, full!

Figg’s Cafe… Erm, half full. It used to be my favourite place, the place where I always went!

Dirt  Valley… A few people dotted around. I would say a TWENTIETH of the bin’s population online right now are there.

The Binweevils crew are wasting time creating wonderful things for us when we just wanna stick to the basics! Whenever I invite buddies around to my nest, I only stay in the hall (the place with the tube to your garden and the bin card with all the doors leading to your rooms)!

There. IF the poll has come onto the post (pleeaaasseee do) then you can do it. And if not, I’ll get it on and you can come back and complete it! Wherever you are, have a lovely day, even if it’s finished. Remember not to bully others. Don’t be a cyber bully! Thank you.




Hi guys.

Wunt here. I never though I’d have to say this but, I’m leaving binweevils. I will rarely come on though. I know what you’re thinking: WHAT ABOUT WEEVIL MANIA!? well, say hello to your new owner of weevil mania, Kaushik2. I’ve not been hacked. This is all true!

For the final post ever,

Bye guys!